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How to download Princess Elena ♛ royal dressup APK at

She is a glamorous royal princess named Elena. Mix and match together a hairstyle and a dress for a luxurious princess look! Flowers or crowns in the hair, long skirts and dress. As a latina princess she can't stay far from the music, so with a guitar she is even more attractive. And for sure she needs her Magical Crystal, makes everything shine around.

How to download Fairy Jump APK at

Jumping from flower to flower, what could be a more casual thing for a fairy? So touch the chamomile to help the fairy get home. Only the white bright flowers are safe. The scary flower can eat the fairy, also faded flowers are not safe too - fairy can fall down.

How to download ☆ Magic Dressup - Frozen Fairy APK at

Butterflies and fireflies are everywhere and around the magical little fairy! She lives among the flowers and grass and made her home on a beautiful daisy. Her job is to help plants to grow by sprinkling her fairy dust on them when we humans aren’t looking. Even fairies like to play dress-up so our pretty fairy would love to get help from you to be dressed today. She got plenty of fun fairy stuff, like magic stick and glittery wings. You can change her hair color and even make her look more frozen, cool as ice or to choose blue hairstyles, blue skirt color and jewelry shaped like ice crystals! Also, you can dress up our frozen fairy like a school girl to make her look like a normal girl.

How to install ☀Brazil vacation dress up game APK at

Let's make amazing vacation in Brazil. Now is a good time to plan a trip to Brazil – and not just because of Olympic Games which were here in 2016. Brazil is as diverse as the colors of the Carnival. There is no other country on the planet like Brazil with so bright sun and warm sand beaches.
This game will allow you to select the proper dressup for Brazil vocation. Our journey plan is simple: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and definitely surfing courses.
Rio de Janeiro: Bright and stylish bikini, enchanting skirts and shorts. The water glows with brilliant iridescences, many friendly smiles around and of course miles of sandy beaches. Try special dressup and possible you will be in time for Rio carnival show.
Sao Paulo: Brazil's Fashion capital. You will get an absolutely tropical dress collection.
Surfer girl: This is the main part of the Brazil vocation to take surfing classes! The Brazil's coast is perfect for surfing, so you should try best swimming suit and rush to the waves. This courses will make you look like a model.

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You are in front of the mirror. Moonlight around your friend asking you what you would put on this Halloween. Sounds spooky? Try this spooky dress up tonight with you best friend to be shiny fashion scariest lady, like Frankie Stein from Monster High. Yes! This set of Monster High clothes is available for you to try here.

Not in the mood to go full-on vampire for Halloween this year? It's not so scare this year? No! It is even like fun. So try cute dress up this October, express nice part of yourself. Dress like mysterious shining star for the Halloween party and don't forget to put on lovely horns and bows . Brake the rule, you are lady, and you should look nice even during the halloween.

How to install ☀Sunny dress up game for girls APK at

Can't beat the Sun?☀Mix and match this collection of items inspired by the Sun! How would you wear these bright yellow pieces? How would you wear these bright yellow pieces? Your imagination is only limit.

How to install ★★★ USSR DressUp ☭☭☭ APK at

Have you ever heard about USSR? It was wonderful country until in 1991 they were defeated in the Cold War. Never heard about Cold War? Never mind. Those days all the girls around this largest country in the world had similar school uniform. Yes, in every village, in every town, in every district the uniform was the same for everybody. So now you got the chance to try this historical dressup of the girl from USSR. It is quite neat and official though enough to have ability to create some style. Soon you might see the same uniform in Russia where USSR tradition for school clothes is coming back.

How to install Halloween Makeup APK at

Do you wish to impress everyone on this Halloween? Sevelina presents scary Develish Kitty. Make everyone scared and admired with your unusual style. Your kitty will assist you with her batman make up. This nice dressup trick will make you Halloween unforgettable!

How to install Avril Lavigne Dress up game APK at

It always fun to make a mess around on the party as Avril singing here, especially if you are crazy enough to fall in love and don't care about anything. Anyway dressup for Avril Lavigne is always fun. So, be cool.

How to install ❤ Summer Dress Up Games ❤ APK at

Awesome summer dress up game! Dress up 3 different dolls with huge amount of summer clothes for most fashionable beaches in the world!